Vince M.

“Being older and transitioning from a distance runner to Crossfit, I have faced a lot of issues with mobility, lack of strength and injuries from preforming lifts incorrectly. On multiple occasions, Scott has taken the time to look at my initial complaint, ask relevant questions and then taken the time to access the overall cause. This has included filming movements, reviewing range of motion and other testing that seemed (to me) completely unrelated to my issue. It quickly became clear that his treatment targets the root cause of the injury to provide a long term solution, not just a quick band aid fix of the affected area.

He also follows up to ensure that the issue has been corrected. Because of his approach I have had quick recoveries but more importantly, I have become a better, stronger and WISER athlete.

Long story short, he knows his stuff. More so than any other PT I have received treatment from.

I have and will continue to recommend his services to all of my friends and colleagues who have had their own injuries.”