John C.

As Scott Christensen was starting out his PT Clinic he knew that I had a problem with my knee. However, I told him my real problem was with my left shoulder. I had soreness in my shoulder for a couple of years, particularly when I lifted my arm. He did an examination and determined that there was an impingement problem in my shoulder and thought I should have 2 sessions per week for about 8 weeks. He started me out with some mild lifting exercises with 5 lb weights and he stretched and manipulated my shoulder in each session and used the laser on my shoulder. The sessions were 45 minutes to 1 hour. My shoulder gradually loosened up and as I was able he added some more exercises to strengthen the shoulder. I could tell that the shoulder was gradually improving as the exercises became easier to do and the pain significantly reduced and eventually disappeared. He pronounced me done after 10 of the 16 sessions and I now continue some strengthening exercises to maintain and increase the strength in my shoulder. I am 69 and have been a jogger for many years. I had been resigned to seeing my body deteriorate and was ready to live with the aches and pains of older age but I found with Scott that I could actually reverse some of these old age complaints and get back some of my strength and fitness”