Derra G.

“In February 2018, I made the decision to ignore that my body was telling me to “STOP” while lifting heavy weight. As a result, (shocker) I hurt my lower back. It started as regular soreness from a tough workout. But when the soreness lasted for a month+ I knew something was wrong. Then I started feeling pain and discomfort while reaching to grab my work bag from the back seat of my car, while sitting, driving, watching a movie, eating a restaurant, or anything that I couldn’t easily reposition. I couldn’t pick up my nieces or comfortably bend to climb a rock while hiking. I was losing sleep from pain and my performance at the gym (even when my back was secondary to the workout movements) was suffering.

I had poor experiences with other health care providers with their very general explanations of what I “should” and “shouldn’t” do and felt like their knowledge base was limited when it came to the uniqueness of Crossfit. Being introduced to RxRehab has helped me tremendously. It’s been a long road to recovery, but 11 months later, I am able to do all of the things that were previously painful with ease. AND I’m back to lifting heavy weight off of the ground!!

The various payment options and insurance panels made my recovery-care affordable when other treatment providers could not while also (in my experience) getting a higher quality of care. I felt like my values and experiences were being held with the upmost importance. And the encouragement during the frustrating times in recovery was equally as excellent. Not to mention being held to limitations when I felt the urge to push boundaries and get back into my old-lifting-self sooner than what my body needed.

With RxRehab, I am on a road to not only recovering from a previous injury but learning preventative care to keep future injuries (or re-injury) from happening in the first place. I won’t go anywhere else!”