Beatrice M.

“I met Scott Christensen in my home during the week after my discharge from Aspen Ridge Rehab.  I had been recovering from surgical repair of my fractured l femur, following a repaired hairline fracture four months earlier.

Scott is a true professional DPT.  He treated me in my “home apartment”- always on time, flexible, accommodating, appropriately attired and interested in helping me to improve.  Scott assessed my home situation for safety, my strength, weakness and level of pain/discomfort. When we started I was ambulating with a seated walker and four footed cane.

Scott drew out an exercise plan for me to follow at his first visit… using “stick-figure” art.  I still refer and use this plan. He always explained what we were trying to accomplish, demonstrated what I was to do, guarded me as I tried new things answered my questions and encouraged me.

He even walked outdoors with me, which was most helpful since my space was limited.  Some exercises and stretching was done while I laid on my bed.

When I started at RxPT as a private clinic, I had opportunity to try new exercises and equipment.  I advanced to a regular cane to no cane.

The goal has been to walk without the cane.  At home I am able to walk outdoors a couple of blocks-carrying the cane.  I am gradually using the cane less and less as my strength increases and pain/discomfort decreases.  The cane helps me to be cautious and a reminder to others that I am somewhat fragile at 86.5 years of age.  Scott has continued to answer my questions, demonstrate and explain physical anatomy-and what is needed to achieve desired results.  

Scott is a gentleman, knowledgeable, thoughtful, good listener, teacher, protector and is respectful.  I am extremely thankful to have benefited by having Scott Christensen as my Physical Therapist.


Beatrice June McKenney

P.S. I still need to master going up and down stairs”