Patient Testimonials

  • “Experienced, professional, and most importantly practices what he preaches.”

    Brandon H.

  • “I have had had shoulder problems for years. Scott helped my shoulder to feel 100% quick.”

    Kyle T.

  • “Scott is the ONLY Physical Therapist I trust with my members. He knows his stuff, but is always searching to further his skillset which I really admire. Also, as a competitive Crossfit athlete himself he understands CrossFit Athletes needs better then any other PT in the state!”

    Seth B.

  • rx-rehab-physical-therapy-testimonial

    “Scott is hands down my favorite physical therapist. I’m pretty tight in my upper back/shoulders. Working with him helps a ton. My girlfriend sees him as well. She’s working through a slight tear in her rotator cuff. He’s been incredibly helpful and professional with her. She’s way ahead of schedule on recovery thanks to him!”

    Chris T.

  • “Amazing and knowledgeable!! Scott has been working on me for a rotator cuff/pec injury for two months now and I have made amazing progress! Hopeful to be fully recovered within the next few weeks. 🤞🏼 I highly recommend seeing him!”

    Kyra M.

  • Scott is the best! He knows his stuff inside and out. He has worked with me on several different injuries and has gotten me to 100% everytime. He is honest and really knows how to put you at ease and how to help you recover. I won’t go to anyone but Scott with my injuries.

    Kat S.

  • “Scott @Rx Rehab is awesome. He himself is a crossfitter, so he knows what we athletes, do and suffer from. He helps me recover quicker whenever I have injuries. I trust his skills & knowledge, as well as his integrity as a professional. I recommend him to any of my friends and family.”

    Saori B.

  • “So great and knowledgeable! I have been dealing with low back issues that bothers me periodically. Scott has been working with me on this issue and has pointed out some mobility issues I have and certain movement patterns that might be the source which I did not know I was doing. I highly recommend checking him out I guarantee he will help you figure out what is causing you pain, help you recover from it, and prevent it from happening again!”

    Melissa D.

  • “I’ve worked with Scott professionally as well as him being my PT and I wouldn’t let anyone go to anyone else. Unless they are my enemies… then I would tell them to drop dead, in which therapy no longer applies. RX Rehab is the best.”

    Scott D.

  • testimonial-rx-rehab-physical-therapy

    I wish I could give more stars. Scott is the best physical therapist I’ve ever seen. I saw him for help with a rotator cuff/bicep tendon strain and for a long-term Achilles problem. Both are improving under his care. When you go to see him, Scott will ask questions, carefully examine you and analyze your movement, then explain the problem and show you how to fix it. He is smart, thorough, and caring. You will feel at ease with Scott. He takes the time to treat people right and give them the care they need. I recommend Scott at Rx Rehab to anyone who needs physical therapy. He’s simply the best.”

    Cherise E.

  • “Being older and transitioning from a distance runner to Crossfit, I have faced a lot of issues with mobility, lack of strength and injuries from preforming lifts incorrectly. On multiple occasions, Scott has taken the time to look at my initial complaint, ask relevant questions and then taken the time to access the overall cause. This has included filming movements, reviewing range of motion and other testing that seemed (to me) completely unrelated to my issue. It quickly became clear that his treatment targets the root cause of the injury to provide a long term solution, not just a quick band aid fix of the affected area.

    He also follows up to ensure that the issue has been corrected. Because of his approach I have had quick recoveries but more importantly, I have become a better, stronger and WISER athlete.

    Long story short, he knows his stuff. More so than any other PT I have received treatment from.

    I have and will continue to recommend his services to all of my friends and colleagues who have had their own injuries.”

    Vince M.

  • “I’ve been to a few different physical therapists and Scott is by far the best. He talks with you and actively listens about your ailment, then runs you through basic exercises and studies your movements so he can pin point exactly where the problem is occurring so when he gives you drills/exercises to fix your problem it’s actually fixing the issue. He has a vested interest in helping and wants to see you improve and get better. I’ve recommended Scott to several of my fellow fitness friends and continue to do so. He’s simply the best.”

    Darise H.

  • “As a runner trying to transition to Crossfit, I have a lot of work ahead of me and a lot to to learn. When I was struggling with some basic lifting movements, Scott preformed a comprehensive review. He assessed my short comings and problems for movement, strengthening and form. He explained what was causing the issues (in language I was able to understand) and was able to provide a range of exercises and stretching to help me progress in all three areas, helping me feel there might be hope for me yet. After a debilitating muscle strain, Scott got me moving again and provided additional exercises to strengthen the muscles that contributed to the injury. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, responds quickly to questions and follows up regularly. In short I would recommend contacting him for any physical therapy help you need to fix an issue or improve your overall mobility and physical performance.”

    Vince M.

  • “Scott goes above and beyond to help client rehabilitation and healing. Definitely one of a kind and sets the bar high for what a PT should actually be. Both me and my wife have been helped by him and have seen night and day results with his immediate efforts and the material he gives you for when you aren’t with him. Will refer him to everyone!”

    Jared and Blaynie H.

  • “I’ve had quite a few injuries over the years. Since working with Scott those previously hurt areas have had significantly less pain and much increased mobility. Scott’s work has made a substantial improvement in my ability to attack training with intensity.”

    Julia G.