Movement Analysis (DorsaVi Analysis)

Athletic Movement Index

  • Consists of 2 movement analysis’ (before and after) using dorsaVi sensory technology with video feedback on how you move functionally during various squats and core exercises. This is a cutting edge technology used by various NFL, collegiate, and other sports teams to help identify weakness, and mobility issues that are either causing or predisposing an athlete to injury, or are holding an athlete back from achieving their potential.

Running Module

  • With dorsaVi sensory technology you’ll be able to get objective feedback on any type of running. Whether you’re jogging, running, sprinting, accelerating or decelerating. The dorsaVi sensory technology will give you information on ground reaction forces, joint angles, stride length, stride rate, and asymmetries in your running. This information is invaluable in diagnosing the cause of injuries, help prevent injuries from happening, and knowledge on how you can improve athletic performance.

Knee Module

  • Gain insight with objective feedback on how your knee moves in space, and translate that into creating a therapeutic treatment program to correct faulty/problematic movement patterns that are causing pain.
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