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Home Health

Not everyone has the time or desire to come to an unfamiliar place to receive therapy. Part of the problem with finding a Therapist that meets your needs is that oftentimes they aren’t located near you. Take the driving time out of the equation and have us come to you! Some of our clinicians have years of experience doing Home Health care and understand that a person home isn’t just their home, it’s their castle! We understand you have certain rules and expectations when someone enters your home, so be assured that when we enter your home we play by your rules. As therapists, we go through FBI background checks in order to get our licenses, but that isn’t enough for us. We employ only the most trustworthy, loyal people available.

If you’d rather have us come to you rather than you come to us then we are happy to accommodate. Much of what we do doesn’t require the machinery, and equipment used in a traditional physical therapy clinic. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you with a massage table, Graston tools, Rock tape, some simple/portable exercise equipment, and our hands!