Rx Rehab – Exciting new Technology and Update on Insurances Rx Rehab accepts

Exciting new technology

For those of you who are members of Put it Up CrossFit and any others in the community that are looking for a physical therapy practice that is focused on orthopedic’s and sports performance I’ve got some very exciting news. Rx Rehab will be only 1 of 2 clinics in all of Utah to be using an exciting new technology in movement analysis called dorsaVi. Many of you have probably noticed that a lot of what is on my Instagram page Rx.rehab is pictures analyzing people’s movement using Dartfish. Though I’ve learned a lot using Dartfish and still consider it a very valuable tool, dorsaVi is going to be the new tool I’ll utilized when analyzing lower extremity movement.

A quick rundown of dorsaVi is that it will be utilized in much the same way as Dartfish was with the Dynamic Movement Assessment, but this time it won’t take hours to analyze video and write up a report. It uses sensors that are able to detect movement in space and calculate and interpret the movement in real time. Not only is it a way to visually analyze movement but it measures a host of other things such as acceleration, deceleration, ground reaction forces, and joint angles among other things. With this hard data analysis it will make exercise, mobility and soft tissue prescriptions much easier and more accurate. Watch the video below to get a better glimpse of what it is! I hope to be able to use this on a frequent basis at the gym.

DorsaVi will be used in conjunction with the updated version of the Dynamic Movement Assessment, now called the Dynamic Movement Index. With the data obtained from this test exercises can be prescribed that can correct faulty movement  patterns which will in turn correct the source of the injury rathar than just treat the symptoms. However, not only is it used for those that are injured, but it is used as a way to help dramatically improve performance in squat max, vertical jump height, acceleration and deceleration and much more.

Update on insurances Rx Rehab accepts

I get asked all the time if I accept certain types of insurance. The world of insurance unfortunately is very complicated and sorting through everything has been a challenge to say the least. If I could take every insurance then I would…trust me. However, there are many insurances out there that are closed networks, meaning that they don’t allow new PT’s in network because they “have enough PTs to cover their patients needs” they say. To which I’ve responded “why not give your patients as many options as possible?”

In reality it’s all about controlling the price of healthcare and competition if you want my opinion. So I keep fighting to become an in Network provider for as many insurances as possible. Unfortunately some of them it would literally take an act of congress to get them to  open their doors. With that being said I’ve won some battles but am still fighting on many fronts to be able to provide covered care for as many people as possible. So if you have insurance and you want care from Rx Rehab Physical Therapy to be covered through your insurance then here is an updated list of the insurances Rx Rehab will take currently;

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah (FocalPoint)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah (Real Value Network)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah (Individual and Family Network)
University of Utah
University of Utah (Healthy Premier- Individual & Group)
University of Utah (Healthy Preferred)
Railroad Medicare
AARP medicare complete
Align Networks
NexusACO R
Prime Health Services
TRICARE West Region
UnitedHealthcare – Charter
UnitedHealthcare – Compass
UnitedHealthcare – Navigate
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions
UnitedHealthcare Optum Medical Network
Universal SmartComp

There are several others major insurances that I’m currently credentialling with that I should be in network with shortly but will keep everyone up to date on who they are as things are finalized with them. Thanks and  happy training.